why do i have malaria after take multivitamin

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    Umbriel is correct.  However, malaria ridden mosquitos don't live everywhere (yet).  Where do you live?  Have you traveled anywhere recently?

    Have you actually been diagnosed with Malaria??....Sounds like you should always be taking anti-malaria tabs as a pprecaution if you live in a hot country or travel!:-¬

    skip the multivitamin

    and eat trail mix

    the malaria should be gone

    the multivitamin is a mix of stale powders with cohesive agents

    whats your function hosi?

    Malaria simply tired, very tired. That are several factors involved in the absorption of the multivitamin. Factors that affect energy/alertness: sleep- are you getting enough hours of rest, do you wake up a lot to get a drink or to use toilet, are you in pain? Blood sugar effects how tired you may be. You body runs on the energy from what you eat. Are you affected by allergies-it can make you feel like you are very sick and tired. Are you depressed or just stressed out over some thing.

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