Can I take a BB gun in my lugage?

    Want  can I take in my luggage?


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    If you're taking this to a niece or nephew just fedex or ups a lot less hassle than all the airport regulations!


    Excellent idea!

    No.  Check with your airline for requirements.

    Depends where the suitcase is going...public transportation? I think not ! Now in transit in someones vehicle? Maybe check with the local cops regarding the rules of transport of weapons...but if you're packing it on a trek through the woods and its in your backpack then the barrel should be pointing straight up so you don't accidently shoot yourself in the foot...just kidding...but not! Guns are not to be fooled around with...BB gun or otherwise.Peace.

    Honey, a gun is a gun....and BB guns can be fatal!  Check with the airlines- but why on God's green acre do you need to bring your BB gun????

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