If a person is texting to another person and knows that person is driving

    and there is a subsequent accident, should the non-driver "texter" be held accountable? A judge is scheduled to decide this very issue this Friday in a New Jersey Court. In this accident, the driver claimed that he was "driven to distraction" by his girlfriend's constant texting. No doubt HE is liable. What about HER (if it can be proven that she knew he was driving)? He slammed into two motorcylists; each had to have a leg amputated. Who knows...maybe the radio stations can be blamed when there are vehicular accidents? "The radio distracted me." Well then , you should turn it off (duhh!)

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    Hey, I am with Colleen on this one!!!!  Even if She knew he was driving it was His responsibility to ignore the txt, or pull over if safe to do so!  

    No. The responsibility rest solely on the driver. He could have turned his phone off or pulled over somewhere. Of course an irresponsible person like him would try to fault another. I can't believe a judge is even going to hear this b.s.  


    I'm with Colleen- when I'm driving I totally ignore the txts that come in..and get back to them when I am parked and available. Doesn't matter who txts me or why.

    I do the same, they are either ignored until I can safely answer, or alternately the phone is turned onto silent whilst I'm driving

    He is totally responsible for his actions. his girlfriend cant be responsible, because he alone picked up the phone..They need to make cellphones that stop working, when someone is driving.


    I think also that if they are deemed responsible enough to hold a license they should also be held responsible for illegal actions when behind the wheel, no finger pointing, he is the one that picked it up

    Totally agree


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