you have a frend hose renting yours apartment. Taht becuse he dident have anny els to stay. After a fuwe munth you caut him banging your girl frend. In your apartment. Do you think if i hurt that guy realy bad. Wood it be realy bad for my carma conto ?

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    When you say.."did him an blink with an aye" you mean you just winked at him like in knowing? Did you give him the nod? sound like a righteous dude..why not do nothing..just run away from this mundo crapola ..they don't deserve your time man..go...Peace.

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    Walk away....

    Your girlfriend is not worth it. And it's not worth going to jail for. Kick him out, kick the girlfriend out too.

    why you want to beat him up? she let him.


    okey say that i diddent hurt him at all but i just did him an blink with an aye so he understand.

    Yes it would be very bad. It would become your carma contra.

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