What would it take for the unbelievers, to believe ?

    People who dont believe in this subject ?

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    A UFO landing in their backyard. Even then they may not believe. Would probably look for the TV cameras thinking they were being pranked. 


    True, lol, but I have proof, that they do.

    I saw one when I was a kid. I know someone who sees them alot. She lives under one of their flight paths.

    To see it with theire own eyes.

    Belief and denial….neither are true, both conceal truth, and truth can only be known and shared through experience. Proclamations of belief and denial are attempts to become an authority on the subject to the audience. Authorities are the essence of evil because the authority thrives on the ignorance of others and uses hand-me-down lies and stories to ensnair a gullible public into the trap of regular attendance, emotional investment and compelling financial support. Behind the smiling mask of charity and professed forgiveness are the hooks and snares,  thousands of years in their making passed along generationally over time. Insecurity and security are sold together by playing on the fears of ignorant starving people yearning to be free of their bondage and finding themselves merely conscripts in an army of supporters giving the false symbol of their freedom and believe for a dream that may yet come.

    And you think those who have sought a higher awareness need to believe like a trembling child before the hand of death? I only seek truth with this little light of mine…born of experience and delivered on every tide.   


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    Oh my goodness you are so......true in what you say. I feel the same way, about the things, that you have spoken about, but I feel that you have miss understood me in every way, and if you truly felt the way you wrote, you should not be trying to judge me - not know the person that I am, as I dont you or anyone else.

    Why would I ever.... want believe like a trembling child, before the hand of death.

    I have some amazing photo's that I would like to share with people, I do not, want to scare people. I would like them to see them....and then they can make their own choice about what they see. I was so amazed at what I have caught on camera and I wanted to share with others, thats ALL. But you have made me feel like have or am doing something terribly wrong....

    deeann59 Your question suggests the response I provided. How you feel about it is up to you. I do suggest you examine that feeling closely to see where it is coming from within yourself. The remedy for “guilt” is within you and that part of God within you to end inappropriate guilt responses.

    If they are in fact UNbelievers then they believe the fact that whatever they dont believe in doesnt exsist therefore believing :)


    So true, thank you.

    glad to help:)

    Faith my friend

    A taste of my wifes cooking one bite and you'll believe..

    the unbelevers do beleve that it is the smartest thing for them selfe to note beleve.All i can say in that matter you can only make them belive if its in ther one interest


    I really do not think it matters in that the more people that are involved in one thing the more screwed up it becomes.



    It's not a belief, it's seeing.

    Believe what, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc ?  I assume you mean belief in God, the Bible, the Holy Trinty and the trappings of Christianity.

    I believe in science and reason, not myth and supertition. Science stands above religion, it follows where the evidence leads; it is simply common sense at its best, that is, accurate in observation and merciless to fallacy



    If you have proof don't sit on it. Have you heard of the 'men in black', not the movie, the real ones. They don't fool around, put it out there.

    "Seeing is believing" is one method.  HOWEVER, photos aren't the same thing.  People have to be open-minded enough to consider something plausible, too.
    After seeing for one's self, one must choose to accept and believe.   It's complicated.  

    To see for oneself, hard evidence and absolute,without doubt proof

    Michael Shermer's essay answers this question better than I ever can.

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