''my cat is dead, but I have decided not to make a big tragedy of it''

    do you agreed with this statement?

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    Are you simply asking if the sentence is correct? I would change tragedy to issue. "My cat is dead but I've decided not to make a big issue over it."

    "My cat has died but I've decided not to create a tragedy of it...yet!" BOOHOO! :(

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    Any animal that is a pet is part of a family that loves that animal as much as the animal loves her family. Death of that pet is as painful as any family member dying. I know, I have been through it many times and it never gets easier. Your lack of compassion is hard to understand.

    Many of us get distraught at the loss of any of our pets..There are help lines in the UK (The Samaritans ..and CRUISE I believe have seperate helplines for grieving pet owners...I can`t see how anyone can just seem so dismissive at the death of a loved pet..It must have meant something to you to post it on here?!....:-¬

    To ME and MANY PEOPLE the loss of a pet or anyone is a tragedy!:-¬

    Just cats.....Is this a statement that you made up yourself, were assigned for a school project or read in a book somewhere?


    my thoughts too.

    mine too, Car

    this made by Wendy Cope, just google it

    You dead cat becomes a tragedy. So does your dead dog. When a being makes a final exit it leaves with drama. Did I need to say that? 

    People deal with death in their own way, I don't think you need to make a song and dance, but to mourn a much loved pet, friend and companion is a personal issue and we all have our own ways dealing with the death of a loved friend, so I guess the answer to your question remains unanswered

    Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat. -- Robert Heinlein.


    Wendy Cope vs. Robert Heinlein
    well, ok

    I get the feeling that you had no great attachment to your cat.If you loved that pet, believe me, it would feel like a tragedy.

    We make a celebration of the pets life with us.... we bury them and tell stories about them... cute things they did, funny, mean... after it is over we all feel better about giving the pet a good life.

    I disagree with the statement(unless ive taken it out of context,if so i apologise).If i lost either my cat or my dog,especially my dog,i would be absolutely devastated.To me it would be a tragedy.I bought a plaque for another dog i lost,it says"not just a dog,my best friend,i miss you".Shes been dead four years but to me it says it all

    It is a tragedy if your cat died as a result of anything beyond natural causes.  You decide. 

    I think the asker is doing what Colleen suggested! He is pulling our chains by saying mean things about the loss of a pet! He knew all of us pet lovers would respond! Please no karma for this seemingly mean person!


    Looking for a correct sentence...English homework!!Again!! :)

    Then I'll be sorry for you............

    Great idea.

    Doo does not like this sentence one bit- unless your cat was suffering- but still, even if for homework, I do not like it!!!  

    Yes actually, I mean what kind of tragedy were you thinking of making?

    If you have lost your cat it is a tragedy. If you are just doing this for fun, then you are a brainless idiot.

    Did you love that cat?

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