A question for those fond of jewelry.

    I am looking for suggestions. My step-daughter’s father gave her mother (both deceased) a one ounce gold coin. The coin became my property when her mother died, and I would like to have it made into a nice piece of jewelry and give it to the daughter when she marries, as a gift from her mother. I have another daughter “stealthily” trying to find the type of jewelry she most likes, but in the interim, I’m entertaining any good ideas anyone here may have as far as style/type, etc.
    P.S. The above portion of this question will be removed in a few days so that daughter will not accidently run into it. Thanks, Flip

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    Find a good goldsmith,preferably someone known and trusted as you don't want the ole switcharoo to occur with the gold!(My friend is a geologist and says 'it happens') :)

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    Just a few ideas!


    I like the heart pendent.

    i like heart pendants that open. you could put a nice little picture of mom in it.


    I Love that idea carmaxable...I'll bet that girl would too!! ;)

    Thanks, I like that idea also.

    Since you are talking about a gold coin, I'll presume you want to maintain it as a gold coin, not melt and reshape it.  
    It seems to me the most logical and practical piece would be a pendant, and your coin can easily be set into a "frame" which will support the chain rather than drill through the coin.
    Depending on the size of the coin, it could also be mounted as a ring, or perhaps as a bracelet. I picture the bracelet fitting snugly around the wrist, with the coin the only adornment on a gold "bar".
    I don't know how many people wear "brooches" anymore, but that is certainly an option, too.

    What a lovely gift.  My dad had a diamond and gold tie tac he NEVER wore.  Mom had it reset as a pendant and it was my graduation gift when I earned my B.A.  Beautiful. 


    Thanks Bob. It is a solid gold coin weighing one ounce with a value today of about$1600.00. Actually I am thinking about having it melted and shaped into something else unless someone comes up with a better idea. Your thought of having it framed might be an option, but I'm not sure how it would look as a "coin". I have a local jeweler who comes highly recommended by a neighbor, but I haven't gone to him yet to see if he does this type work.

    It is really nice that you have shared this with us, Flip! Be sure to let us know what you decide to do and post a photo of the finished piece!

    My favorite place to get jewelry is from Chloe + Isabel! Their pieces are great for any occasion, and I feel like your situation would fit perfectly with the store! 

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    Let me know what you think of them! I added some items to the Nature Luxe Collection, if you'd like to take a look [:

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