Is it possible to be able to write english and not be able to speak it?

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    It's possible to have trouble pronouncing it. Have you ever tried to talk to someone in Dell support that is in India? They can write it but they can not speak it to the point of being understood. 

    I would imagine that it is easy to copy but writing to the point of being understood would be difficult.......

    Indeed it is it's called gobbledygook half the US senate and most of the US congress know this trick.

    I was able to write long before I could speak English.  Not only is it possible, it's very probable.  Many foreigners appear somewhat dumb trying to articulate in English.......well, until you find out they are actually engineering students at M.I.T. and are not janitors.

    Regional oral linguistic accents notwithstanding, it is always easier to speak a language than to write it.  I  have come across many people who speak with ease one of the 3 languages that I am  fluent in, yet,  I would never assume as much if our communication was limited to text.

    I have never witnessed someone whose writing skills were superior to their verbal. Again, accents don't count.



    You are forgetting at least the dumb (one that cannot speak) people...

    It is possible to write well in English and enable to speak it at all or very poorly. I was  immersed into English late in my life. As most of you may notice, my written English is not that good and I have my "personal" English syntax... wait to hear me speaking it...  

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