how do you write 20 thousands of an inch

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    20 /1000 would "reduce" (or is the same as/equal to)  to 2/100, which is written    .02 inches



    It's been a long time since I went to school. Shouldn't it be .0002?

    After the decimal point, it's
    10th .2
    100th .02
    1000th .002
    What helps me remember is thinking of the decimal point separating dollars from cents. The .2 would be 20 cents (2/10); .02 would be 2 cents (2/100); .002 would have to be 2/1000. The decimal point represents "1" in my strange little world. .0002 would be 2/10000. I hope that makes sense (cents? :D)

    The question is for 20,000 of an inch. You're right about the 10th, 100th and 1,000th. Every decimal place moved to the right results in a multiplier of 10. I'm confused. Isn't .002 two-thousands of an inch?

    You're right, Clonge. I just looked at the question after reading your comment and I read it as 2/10,000 instead of 20/1,000, which would be 2/100.
    I am correcting my answer and apologize for the error.



    One zero for tenths, two zeros for hundredths, three zeros for thousandths, with the decimal point in front to designate that it is not a whole number.

       20 / 1000 inches


    The first digit to the right of the decimal point is the tenths place, next right is the hundredths, and third right is the thousandths place.

    On the right side of the decimal, your number has to end in the named place, so '20' ends with its zero in the thousandths place. Twenty thousandths is 0.020.

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