how to ask the money back when i borrow some one

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    " Time to cough up, or my uncle Tony with the bent nose will be paying you a surprise visit "

    Pull them off to the side and make sure neither one of you are distracted. Say something such as, "It's fine that you borrowed money from me, but I'm getting very impatient. I need that money and I'd like you to give it to me by (deadline)."

    Look the only one your hurting is your self, your credit with me is shot, next time you need a loan you probably wont get due to your credit history.

    Good question many country would like to ask grease to pay back so if you find the anwer let europe know. you could try lent me my money I need it

    "NEVER A BORROWER OR A LENDER BE"!!:-¬...(Says SHE UN SMUGLY!.Who`s Own kids think she is an ATM machine)!!Lol!:->....It`s a difficult one, because what are the chances of getting your money back without losing a friendship?!...It`s already a mess as you feel bad asking for the cash back.I think you just have to take the bull by the horns and tell the person in question that you need the money shouldn`t have to give a reason as you lent it in good faith!!!..I think people should be aware that times are hard for most of us...It`s wrong to put a friend into the situation you are in!..I`D certainly give it ago .but I Wouldn`t hold my breath!...

    Good Luck..I hope you can solve it amicably!

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