What's The Most Embarrassing Thing You Done In Your Life

    Say something, or done something, or just felt it was the right thing to do?

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    I have a friend and between the two of us, we are always trying to roast each other. I walked into the grocery store and saw him leafing through a magazine.I snuck up behind him and whispered in his ear"Get out of that filthy magazine you pig" and when he turned around to see what the hell was going on I realized it was not my friend. I was so shocked I just walked away without trying to explain myself.That's just one of the many things that keep life funny.If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at anyone else.


    No that one was good and embarrassing!!!


    that was embarrassing!!!

    Ms Sinclair



    That was YOU? :0


    too funny... i think i would have walked away as well !!

    Lost my bathing suit in the water while getting wiped out riding a wave at the Jersey shore. Had to walk out holding my hand over Mr Happy. Cap that with the "shrinkage factor" and it made for an embarrassing moment. :(


    I agree with mom!


    Sad, but true. :(


    lmao...thats funny


    Did you try to find a mermaid while you were in the water?

    was working nights in downtown boston . right at coffee break every one one fom the jobsite (big dig)
    would converge at the same convience store for coffee, snacks, smokes ...ect.useally theyre was always some homeless people (urban pioneers) panhandling for money which i always tried to help.i got to know them rather well! as i walked into the store i realized i was about a dollar short for a pack of smoke s. so turned back to ask my homeless buddy for a buck. just as he was pulling a dollar out of his cup to hand to me two or three of the "big wigs'had witnesses what was going down, my face turned redder
    than an apple. as they walked by i heard one mumble to another "poor truck drivers just aren't getting paid enough"


    <a href="/users/2217/daren1/">@daren1</a> - We never know where our help comes from!!!

    When I was a kid a friend of mine who had a crush on this teacher asked me to sneak down to his office to see if he was in there. I didn't want to be heard so I took off my shoes. Needless to say he came out of the room,saw my feet (which I was trying to hide - not possible) and asked me what happened to my shoes. All I could say was " uhh... umm... I don't know." Obviously, I never did that for her ever again.


    <a href="/users/3639/ms-sinclair/">@Ms Sinclair</a> - Lost for words. Like my little ones, when their hands are caught in the cookie jar. lol!!!

    Very funny!

    I just do really dumb things.
    Fortunately, I've learned this is a fact,
    so I just accept it when it happens.
    HOWEVER, one example: I was going to bake oatmeal cookies,
    so I set up a flat place, poured out the Quaker Oats, got my
    rolling pin, and was rolling away, when my husband walked in.
    He looked at me and said, "What are you doing?"
    I answered: "I'm making rolled oats."
    About half way through the word "rolled" it
    suddenly occurred to me, what a dumb thing I
    was doing.
    The family has never forgotten it.


    How Funny. Good family humor!!!

    I burned my hair out in two separate patches, accidentaly and unknowingly in the back of my head. I went about my activities with 2 bald spots - no one told me!!! They thought I was on chemotherapy. It took month to grow back.


    Good one, did anyone ever told you?


    glad your hair grew back!

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