Do you think the healthcare in the USA is expensive now?

    Wait until it becomes free!

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    What do you mean free? The price of Heathcare Insurance has gone up 30%.

    You question "is a joke about Obamacare"? How is that funny?

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    If Obamacare gets passed fully, then no one will be able to afford it. 

    I get medicare and it comes directly out of my check. I rely on the remaining balance, never knew otherwise..............

    Would know don't have any although i did have any although i did through the teamsters union for over 20 years when i was younger that all went when I left my I left the union, not that i'm older and dont have it i need it more than ever.. makes me wonder Oblama plan will work for me..

    I believe Obama care will be too expensive for people to buy. I dont understand, why the US does not have National Healthcare like all developed countries have. If they cut out the middleman, like health insurance companies who make billions in profit,, our health insurance premiums would be less than half. Health insurance is not a priviledge for a few, but it the right of every cititzen of this country.Healtcare is not free in developed countries, They take money out your payckeck every week and you never have to worry about getting sick or getting old. Even Canada, who ranks 5th in beeing the happiest country, has National Healtcare.We are supposed to be the richest country in the world and have people dying every day, because of lack of healthcare. Its OK. for us to pay for government and state emplyoees outragous pensions and healthcare out of our pocket, but the people paying for it mhave to struggle to pay for theire own and most cant even afford heathcare for themselves, It really is a country without pity.


    You are absolutely right. My question is a joke about Obamacare.

    Healthcare, and the rising cost in every aspect of healthcare, is NOT a joke.  


    Didn't Obama promise (with his health care plan) free health care to many?

    Obama promised the moon on a string. It still looks real far away to me. (poor grammar intended)

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