what are my legal rights and resbonsibilities for my minor chiold and her baby

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    If your child is a minor and she is in your care,  you are responsible for everything that is involved with looking after her.Does she also have a child (your grandchild) ? Well i would say that you being the adult in this situation you would be responsible for the welfare of the younger child also.Have you sought help with child services/welfare ?Or are they aware of the situation ?

    Please make sure she stays in school and learns to spell. 
    Your state will have specific laws regarding the answer to your question.  I believe that, in California, the parent would be responsible for the minor child until she turns 24.  I am not sure about the grandchild.  Check with a family law attorney or legal aid service.  

    In my State technically- None.  Your minor child became an emancipated adult when she delivered the baby.  So your daughter and grandbaby are eligable for State Aid, Healthcare and housing.  Although babies having babies and having to raise them on their own is tough.  I'd say whatever you can do ho help your child will be great!!!

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