Do You Ask God To Help You With Each Challenge You Face In Your Life

    God saids, He sends His angels to help to us to be a part of our growth and healing. Do you ask God for help or do you try to do it all own your own?

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    Yes though I blunder and make mistakes daily yes I do ask God to help me, guide me and change me for the better each and every day.

    answer is yes .

    Yes I do I try to pray some times I forget to then HE reminds me. Being disabled I have fallen at time's but I was not hurt it was as if some one was protecting me may it was a guardian angel or two.Some challenges are those MRI
    noisy and having to be in them some times for up to 45 minutes or up to an hour and all that confusing health insurance insanity enough to make you scream some times

    prayer works...including sometimes. :-)

    I know when I was told I had MS it hit so hard I hardly could even move pick up thing even feed my self but I all ways felt I was not alone after my family went home and when I applied for disability I asked please let this work some one besides me must have prayed to I got the first time I had heard how hard it is to get I have this to say about JESUS HE IS THE KING !!

    thank you for the thumb ups
    Yes I never start a task without asking My Father for His help.
    Sure do.......
    every breath I take.......
    Yes I do, every step of the way. No to mention that I also do it on my night prayers

    pray without ceasing...

    Never Pamela, never.
    indeed i do ,funny though his answers differ from mine.. thats why hes god ,his answers are perfect dispite my requests!!

    Thank God, He hears all prayers...
    Usually, sometimes I forget and try to do it in my own strength, when I realize that it's not working I have a mental picture of Jesus. He's standing there with his arms folded tapping his foot. You know like," excuse me you need help," I'm waiting for you to ask for help...

    Unfortunately I do not. I wish I did and prayed to him for strength and direction as well.


    At least you are being honest. It is never too late to start praying for strength, guildance, and direction.

    Never Pamela, never.

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