i am on parole i have 4 months left and i got arrested for obstruction of justice will it violate my parole?

    I said "im not telling on my girl" she left our apartment and i guess she backed up into our neighbors car she or I didn't know probably because the music was blasting and we were both upset she does not even know that she hit it because it was so minor. Prior to this we were arguing and she open the patio door so hard that it came off the track and fell and shattered it was so loud the neighbors probably called the cops. I was trying to clean up and about 8 cops walked over into my apartment and cut my hands because i was holding the door they kept asking me "where is she" and i said " i don't know" because i really didn't she left we were both upset i don't know where she went, the cops found out i was on parole and started messing with me and they were trying to make me press charges on her saying she drove her car through the window - she lives with me her name is on the mailbox so its not like they didn't know her name - I didn't see her hit any car and it was our neighbors car that supposably hit why didn't they just come downstairs and talk to me about it? well the cops arrested me because i said " Im not telling on my girl" i thought they were telling me to lie and say she did all these things that weren't true and they knew i was on parole so they took me all cut up and left my apartment all open because the door was broke any one could have came in and robbed my house i had glass all stuck in my hands and was bleeding all over they should have took me to the doctor instead they threw me in a cell- the next morning i got i bonded out and i hired a lawyer and hes not so great he send some other gut the first time the cop didn't show up so he wrote that down i continued the case the next time no lawyer was there for me so i continued it the cop wasn't there again the third time the lawyer i hired was there but didn't do anything he just continued it then i called the lawyer and told him the reason ii hired you is to help me get this dropped so it wouldn't violate my parole my next court date he didn't show up again and i called him and he just told me to say guilty that it wouldn't do anything too me then i said well if it wasn't gonna do anything then why did i give you all that money for "you didn't do anything for me" so i continued it myself and need some advice im trying to better my life and i don't want to go back to jail this is all about a hit-and-run that i never seen and i got obstruction of justice because i said "Im not telling on my girl" i said that because the cops wanted me to lie about her not about the car well the judge said that April 29th is my last court date What do I do? WHEN WILL I GET AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION IN RUNNING OUT OF TIME AND LOSING HOPE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      well it's been 6months since you posted this question , hope all is well..

    Lets use common sense. You are on parole and you got arrested. YES IT VIOLATES YOUR PAROLE

    you sound like a nice, great loving man. But you know what? WHO THE HELL WOULD HELP YOU!?!? YOU ARE DESCRIBED AS AN OUT LAW!!!

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