Definition of psychophant

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    psychophant: n. a person (most often found in chat) who sucks up by endorsing the craziest ideas or ridiculous subjects in hope of gaining attention to themselves.
    Tina: I only smoke vegetarian cigarettes

    Joedoe: Me too ,and I love the way that they enhance your stunning intellect too!

    Moe: Don't know about that, but psychophantic praise makes me taste puke.

    2. psychophant  
    One who attempts to garner favour by flattering influential people, but does so to a psychotic, often violent degree.

    Usually someone who feels insignificant in their own life, this drives their need to tort the lives of others in a negative way to exercise any kind of power.
    Wow, that Jen girl is such a psychophant, I heard she slept with that guy just so her boyfriend would get mad and kick him off of the team!
    3. psychophant  
    A fan who is so over the top in their adoration as to come across as a completely obsessed psychopath.
    The folks over at are such psychophants that they spend their days discussing what presents to give to him and how nice his backside would look in M&S underwear.

    I like Bob's definition better but see here:  Definition of psychophant :.


    1. (n.) One who attempts to curry favor by flattering influential people, but does so to a psychotic, often violent degree.

    Origins: From Greek sykophantEs, slanderer, and from English psychotic, of, relating to, or affected by psychosis.

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