whats a good attention getter for my speech on where i see myself in ten years?

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    The Year is 2022.  Life expectancy in Industrialized nations is 84.5 years.  They are close to finding a cure for Breast and Prostate cancer and are testing an immunization against HIV.  & because of my contributions in___________ (our economy has stabilized, pollution is under control, we have greater understanding of the migration patterns of wildebeast...what ever you think would be a positive effect to your field).

    Let me tell you how I was able to do this!...............

    Tell the audience that you had hoped to great them with hair...................

    As former mayor of the city of certainly is a pleasure to come home to see you all..


    I like that! Of course, being a Doolittle, I was given a different path to follow :)

    As a doolittle you should be a top contender for a politician..

    Stand up there nude and tell them,"You know,I'm coming back here if I can 10 years from now and will be totally nude then too.I will have developed a lifestyle of either that of a nudist or I'll just be getting out of prison for what I did".

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