Can I get basic instructions to get me yahoo email only account saved to my desktop.

    Computer/Email.Sorry, Im not great with computers,How can I get my Yahoo Email account only saved to my desktop,  I keep getting all these other options. I have the account set up with Yahoo, I just want to access that account only with ease if thats possible. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    You need to create a shortcut on your opening page.  This is the page you see when you first start up your computer. It has all your short cut icons on it. 

    1. Right click on your icon page (or shortcuts page)

    2. click "new"

    3. Click "short cuts"

    4. Enter the "http://www." web address in the address box.

    5. Click next

    6. Title the icon

    7. click Finish


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