how can i kown how to 4 in love

    have you kiss a guy befor

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    Love is when you put someone before your self. like a mother puts her child first. Realy love is special and not always found. Love for a man and woman can be so good that a man will not go off with other women. But modern times people seem to have lost that lasting love.

    "4 in love" doesn't make sense. I'm assuming that you are asking about the actual action of falling in love. It will happen when it happens and will last for however long. Wait for it and don't rush into being kissed until it feels right....

    Love just happens you can't force it upon anyone nor can they force it upon you, love is like a flower it will bloom when it's time.

    I don't know what "4 in love" means....but, yes, I have kissed before.

    you will know without being told by anyone else when it happens, and for the other part of your question, I never kiss and tell!

    The people here are well over 21 for the most part.  Most of them have been married for nearly 100 years!  They have children who HAVE children, and some of THEM have children.  
    One doesn't "learn" how to FALL in love.  The concept of love is just a bit different for each person, so there is no definitive answer.  You appear to be a youth, someone who would be better off playing on a sports team, joining a club at school, and asking Mom if you can help make dinner.  

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