Scotland introduces a minium price for Alcohol Will this reduce problem drinking?

    Hospital and Prison admissions have incresed dramatically in Scotland with booze being the main culprit Crippled by the cost and socal problems (divorce violence etc.) Scottsh Government are to introduce a minimum price of 50 pence per unit of alcohol in the hope it will reduce problem drinking Will it work? 

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    No don't think it will make much difference. Its much the same in most towns in the UK on a Friday or Saturday night , and the women are just as bad as the blokes these days.

    In a word "NO". The supermarkets and large stores will make a killing but they will find ways to sell alchohol just as cheaply.

    The only way to stop this problem is by educating the children from an early age, and also educating the problem parents who simply don't care what their kids are doing, they start young and this leads to all the future problems.

    Scotland has a bad alchohol "culture" simply upping the price will definitely not solve the problem IMO!


    That's because they know it all. Flipping geniuses

    My candidates never win, either. I moan and groan and think I could do a better job (and NOT collect the gigantic salary...a public servant should receive a STIPEND), but haven't the money (or backing, I'm sure) to get serious. Sometimes I'll make a call or email a politician about something if it really, really bothers me.

    I get more response from the dog. :o

    They may say it will but the people will find something else to use or make their own drink. Government only helps when the peoples are helping them selfs. I am not casting judgment and perhaps the people need a break but more government taxes will never do it alone. Each country has so many pennies in a pot and giving more pennies to the government will only take away those pennies from the people. And people without pennies go out to steal them.

    The home brew realy took off because its cheap but now beer is cheap to buy home made is not so popular. yeast is cheap and all the other items can be got for free to make wine. Nature provides free ingrediens most of the year.

    I think it could compound existing problems, the drinking issue needs to be identified and addressed as a serious cultural problem, making alcohol more expensive doesn't make it less appealing to those who abuse it

    No, alcohol is easy to make, this has been noted.  All you're going to end up with is poorer drunks. Education is key and AA's.............

    Some how i think it will do more to feed money into treasury that reduce the problems

    Didn't work in the US


    won't work this side of the pond I am sure of that

    And it wont work here, the Scottish gov are deluding themselves, it's all money into government coffers and very little into solving the real problems.
    I've been at the bottom end of the scales and know what needs to be done, but nobody really listens,Pffftttt!!!

    A pack of cigarettes costs nearly $6 in some places in the US.  I doubt it has deterred many from smoking, nor has it caused others to not smoke in the first place.
    People will find a way to get what they want.  Beg, borrow, steal.  
    Nice try, but I don't see it being a viable solution.  Education, like ROMOS said, is key.  


    A pack of cigarettes in the UK is the equivalent of $11, people still smoke, including myself,all the people here will need to do is take the short trip to England and stock up for a while with alchohol......Education is the key but nobody in authority listens...

    My problem is I never vote for these F,ing geniuses and all the moaners do, WILL THEY NEVER LEARN???
    Sorry for shouting....LOL

    And does it make a blind bit of a difference?.....My guess is "NO" eh?

    Gosh that`s cheap..??Isn`t it??..I buy my ma`s smokes (Well she is 90..and smoking was not considered unhealthy in her day)!..They are about £7 Approx here in the lovely UK!!:-Z

    romos your a scotsman what do they put in the beer up there it's the only time i get realy too much on holiday in dumfries

    It won't work, b/c when an alchoholic really needs a drink(s),  he/she will beg, borrow, and steal from members of his/her  own family to get some alchohol. Same thing with heavy heroin

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