Black Willow Tree how do you plant and take care of it.

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    Just stick it in the ground and watch it grow. Willows are like weeds. Fast growth, you can cut them almost anywhere and it it'll grow right back. They also hold their leaves longer than most trees. People plant them around swamp areas to dry them up. Nasty surface roots, though, so try not to leave the lawn around the base. Or plan to get rid of it later on, it's murder on the lawn mower. They're great trees for the right spot. And later on you can use the limbs to make willow chairs out of them. If your concerned about cost just walk past one out on the street snip a sprig dip it in root tone and grow one from that. Maybe take a few sprigs sometimes you don't always succeed.


    Willow easy to care for.make hole big enought to take roots cover all roots with compost use your feet to press compost down firmly then water well keep watering if dry conditions are met for about two weeks willow likes water but will grow most places.

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