what happened the last 20 minutes of the final desparate housewives

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    Karen passed away listening to Wonderful Wonderful (very sad)
    Trip and Bree went to her house to be with her husband
    Susan's daughter had the baby; Tom, Lynette, and their son raced to the hospital to be there.
    The Aussie and Vanessa WIlliams got married
    Carlos and Gabby are getting their act together with her as the breadwinner
    Susan moved on a Thursday.  Lynette and Tom moved to NY, bought a penthouse overlooking Central Park and had 6 grandchildren.
    Gabby and Carlos left the following year.  Gabby got her own show on the HSN.  They bought a mansion in California.
    Bree and Trip left for Louisville. Bree entered local politics and was elected to the Kentucky State Legislature.
    Susan was the first to move, introducing herself to the woman moving in.  She left her driveway, feeling that she was being watched.  Ghosts of Wisteria Lane watched her leave, hoping everyone could put aside bad feelings, remember that even the most desperate life is "oh so wonderful".  But only a lucky few realize the lucky gift they have been given.  Most people just go on day after day, trying to keep secrets that will never stay hidden.  
    The woman moving into Susan's placed a mysterious box into a locked cupboard in the garage.  

    I'm watching it right now (9:43 PST)  The "older" lady is testifying at Bree's trial.  I'll have to get back to you on the last 20 minutes.  

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