What Would You Do If You Were The President Of The United States

    How would you create jobs, change our economy, get us out of debt, etc...?

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    I would freeze prices to stop the oil industry from screwing us even more. Gas is almost $4.00 a gallon. The U.S. dollar is worth less than the Canadian and Australian dollar. What next?......the peso?


    quit only a moron would take that job


    Thumbs up on the question, very good one.

    very good question

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    I would secure the borders, tax all incoming products into the us, especially from China. Make elected officials work $ 7.25 an hour. Give tax breaks to the few companies that are still employing in the U.S.. Recall all our troops in other countries and have them rebuild our Military bases here. Fire all the unneeded government employees, therefore reducing the size and cost of our government. Give tax breaks to individuals who want to start their own businesses here. Stop immigration until we know who is illegally here and allow them (if they have no violent criminal past)), to get on payment plans to become citizens. Reform the prison system to rehabilitate instead of being a school for criminals. Also instead of drug abusers going to prison I would make them go to a rehab and give them weekly drug tests after they graduated. I would make college free to those who couldn't afford it. ETC....ETC.......

    I would also make campaign contributions anonymous, that way you couldn't know who you owe favors to, end ear marks completely.

    I would hold banks and mortgage co.'s accountable for the mortgages they've written, put a freeze on foreclosure's and refinance anyone who has lost or is about to loose their home.

    I would appoint special panels to improve our school systems and any other system that may need improvement or reform.


    Sound like you are doing same thing as Bush. I will not vote you LOL


    thanks, also why do we need city county and state government? Each one of these needs their own heavy equipment, if you combined all three you wouldn't need to have 3 steam rollers for the same area you could use only one ..... That would save the taxpayers s lot of moolah.

    ed shank

    I agree with most of what your saying with the exception of drug offenders. Hard drug offenders will go to a methadone clinic at noon and rob your home an hour later. Humans understand incarceration. You first have to get them off the streets, than offer rehab. Small quantities of reefer I would treat with a ticket. I'm not sure if this is correct but I heard that the single biggest industry in this country is law enforcement and all the industries required to support it. Cop cars, handcuffs, etc; I've always believed that if we provide the death penalty for drug smugglers, drug usage would go down considerably. Dope is killing this country as quickly as all our financial problems.

    To expand on the drug offenders, If their case didn't include violent crimes, I would send them to a rehab like prison, the more violent offenders would be treated on a case to case basis, you have a good point.



    Mindblade 16, are you crazy? What the hell do you watch everyday, cartoons? At least with Bush, you knew what was coming. With fucking Obama, he tells you one refreshing thing, then sais, "fuck it, let's do it the origional way." Obama is a smooth talker, and that's it. The only thing he can do to be refreshing now, is to leave office. Oh, and we can't forget that he now holds two possitions of office. The UN Chairman as well as the president of the United States. What we should all know is that in the constitution, no president can hold two offices. Well, he's fucking doing it!


    Hey Randy it not easy being Commanader and Chief of a country! All this rhetoric we hear about President Obama is wicky wacky crazy. Try walking in Obama's shoes with this economy...Change We Can Believe In is very much needed.


    Cross, do you have a better person in mind that can handle the oval office?


    Bush was "wicky wacky crazy". Obama is a nut, but refreshing by comparision

    Headless Man

    Thats why I would resign, If you don't know what you're doing don't run.


    LMAO Very good. Mr Obama= 1 TERM

    I would secure all borders immediately. I would appoint all cabinet members with education and skills akin to the job. I would place a tariff on all imports. I would end all foreign aid until the budget is balanced. I would have a zero tolerance with pirates on the high seas. I would request that legislation be entered and brought to law whereby all teachers and educators would have to retest every 5 years to keep their jobs and they must pass the test. I would request legislation be passed whereby no government job can be unionized. I would request all states be Right to Work states. I would reward business developers at all levels according to their risk. I would send all prisoners with NON Violent crimes home with ankle bracelets home with tracking devices. I would expand the military in all sectors especially in the space age technology fields. I would allow NO ONE in my cabinet to bow to anyone. Nor would I accept them bowing to me or my cabinet. I would run the Presidency by the Golden Rule. I would give terrorist only one (1) warning, and then blow the hell out of them. I would get all sex offenders psychological help. I would restore dignity to the veterans of our country. I would make absolutely certain my cabinet and presidency would be run according to the Constitution. I would make sure TV on public education networks would teach the Constitution. I would abolish political correctness. I would return to don't as don't tell to protect the gays. I would remind the world that the United States is the greatest nation on earth. That we are the protectors of the world. That we bow to no one short of God and that if these duties aren't taken on by the US, then I ask who then? Lastly, I would ensure that legislation be started to allow all senior citizens to age, grow old and die with dignity.

    Thank you,

    Wayne Bell


    Wayne, maybe you should run for President. lol!!!


    No worry Wayne....perhaps next or two president will same thinking as your.


    Sex offenders should be shot!!!

    Just wanted to bring this one up again, I think it's a very interesting question.

    I watched that Michael Moore documentary today about Capitalism, it was much better than I thought it would be.. Have you seen it?

    No, I have not seen Michael Moore's documentary about capitalism!

    I think it's on encore today, it was extremely interesting if you get the chance check it out. Hope you had a good weekend, take care.

    I would start by cleaning house......

    1. Give farmers the biggest property tax break, because they FEED the population, and independent farming would come back to life.

    2. Abolish the Federal Reserve

    3. Pay government workers no more than the average worker.

    4. Make a law that corporate employees, CEO's and managers can not work in the government.

    5. Make a law that a fine of any kind is in accordance and is a ratio of your income, rather than
      a set amount.. so having lots of money would not be a ticket for doing whatever you want..

    Gentlemen.. :]


    Haha thank you :D thumbs up for you.

    I like Wayne Bell's answer. What had occurred to me earlier is that I would (1)use my Presidential powers which are legal to UNDO all the things which Obama has done, illegally, by circumventing Congress and opposing The Constitution. (2) At the same time, I would abolish Political Correctness.
    Now, that's the first day.

    Then I'd do all the things Wayne Bell said.

    They probably wouldn't let me run.. I'm an American.. with a birth certificate.

    Pull out all fighting troops overseas. Then I would look at the economy and what I could do to improve it.

    I would surround myself with people much more intelligent than myself. My job would be as a figurehead, held up by the best in their fields.

    Headless Man

    Might work, got my

    Headless Man

    He had the whole congress the first term, didn't do anything good then.


    Obama is a figurehead. He wants to do many things that r good. It is those old men in Congress and especially the Senate, that is the problem!

    1. Secure the borders. 2. legalize drugs (hear me out) A few bucks worth of illicit drugs sells for hundreds of dollars due entirely to the black market. Make drugs available at low cost through state "drug stores". This will allow addicts to become functional without having to rob the 7-11 or prostitute themselves or something every other day for drug money. This also gives responsible people (the state) control over drug use and no "new" users will ever get drugs from them. Once this is set up make ANY & ALL illicit drug sales punishable by 15 yr. no parole 1st offense and life without parole 2nd offense. same penalty for use of illicit drugs. No excuses, no slack. It is said that the drug trade directly and indirectly is the cause of 80% of crime. This would help the drug problem a ton! Just getting those thousands of users out of prison and the drop in crime would pay for it. 3.Do away with the IRS. Any tax system would be better. The present system is simply nearly 100 years of politicians doing favors for their friends, Nobody knows what's in it or why and that includes the IRS. I prefer a federal sales tax. That way a wealthy person would pay $100,000 tax on his million dollar home while the working man will pay $10,000 tax on his $100,000 home. If a millionaire wants to live in a shack, fine he can keep his money. He'll just use it to invest or grow his business which will make more jobs and others will take the earnings and buy stuff, paying more taxes. I would also exclude some things from the tax. Basic food for instance. Tax steak but not hamburger. Tax designer clothes but not basic work clothes. 4. Call the military home. We are still in Germany and Japan for goodness sake. The war ended in 1945. They are our friends now and better able to defend themselves than we are. When the military is largely back here, use the savings to upgrade military training, technology, equipment, intelligence, stockpiles of material and weapons, new ships and aircraft, etc. Put the world on notice that if we or our allies are attacked there will be a declaration of war and TOTAL war will be waged until there is an unconditional surrender. Then we will go home and get ready for the next one. If you stay ready and they know you will thrash their ass, there won't be a next one. 5. Lobbying is constitutional. I would change it so that if any lobbyist contacts a sitting member of the government it is public record. Any meeting not reported is a felony for the lobbyist and the government official. No scratching each others back behind closed doors. 6. TERM LIMITS. 7. Absolutely all laws passed will apply to everyone. Especially the legislators that passed it. This must be retroactive. They have already exempted themselves from too much that they shoved down our throats. 7. Kill the Obamacare bill. The dumb thing will ruin us and US health care. A multi-trillion dollar idiotic mistake. 8. Start phasing out absolutely all entitlement programs. They are all unconstitutional & bad policy. For instance the so called "social security". It started as a halfway good idea except for one thing, the government runs it. It was changed a thousand times, always for the benefit of the government and to the detriment of the people. Finally, back in the 60's Lyndon Johnson and his "democratic" congress stole it outright, put it in the general tax fund and spent it on the "war on poverty". Six and one half TRILLION bucks later they canceled that without lowering the poverty rate EVEN ONE PERCENT. That's right, $6600,000,000,000.00 for no results at all. That's a million dollars 6.6 BILLION times folks. And you want them in charge of your health care? I think not. They have millions of people depending on social security and they don't have the money It was all spent on nothing and it's gone. Still, they take so much money out of your pocket for it that you can't afford a decent retirement program of your own. 8. Long story short, if I were president I would tart reducing the government down to a small fraction of it's size. Lower taxes, get out of peoples lives and let the free market work. It has never failed and socialism has never worked. Build up the military. The Constitution says it's purpose is to "PROVIDE for the common defense". It says "Promote" the rest. One thing I would add. I would make it mandatory to pass one year of study on the U S Constitution and declaration of independence and 2 years study of free market economics to graduate from high school. And I could go on & on & on but you get my drift by now.

    Great thoughts here of which I'm in agreement with most. Lets offer a fifty million dollar reward to anyone who can develop a cheap none petroleum fuel which can run our cars without engine modifications. We offered that amount for Ben Ladin. Electric cars will fall out of favor once people get their electric bill. And we can't spare the corn flakes to run our cars either. Throw it out there and see what happens. We would need thousands of nuke plants just to charge every car in America once everyone went electric. Never happened.

    I would stop bailing out huge corporations and banks who, in turn give big bonuses to their CEO's. I would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would institute a single payer health care system. I would end tax loopholes for large corporations.

    probably the same as every other president follow orders ,and if I thought of any policies that would help the world ,make sure to keep my head down .

    If I were the president, I would be a puppet, because that's all the presidents are.

    I'd stop policing the world, I'd get out of countries that don't want us there, I'd leave Afghanistan, Iraq, and make peace with Cuba. I would freeze all financial markets - and force all of Corporate America to pay all their profits - 100 percent towards our debt - it would force American ingenuity to pay off our debt - and when down - the markets would be opened again. From the moment the debt was gone, I'd make sure everyone had equal health care, including dental - and I'd amend the constitution for a balanced budget - no borrowing. I would promote alternative sources of energy and do what ever possible to get electric cars on the market - and build as much solar and energy producing products. Finally, I'd legalize drugs - which as soon as the baby boomers start to die off are going to be legalized anyway - I would allow all drugs to be sold over the counter - and they would have to be sold inexpensively. I'd have schools teach financial information, and fitness and health. Oh and I'd go for a ride in Air Force One!!!

    Corner the market on Watermelon


    What Kind, Seedless Watermelons?

    i would tell congress that the first bill i will sign will be a term lemit bill and i would stick to my word

    Cut everything associated with a "Program."

    End all but emergency foreign aid, reduce taxes then get busy looking for more waste! NO more raises for congress till they end inflation causes. TERM LIMITS!!! I would be only 1 term cause I would be tough.

    Since my post was miraculously deleted, i'll post again.. but it's to note that in America, the president does not have most of the power these days..

    1. I would give independent farmers a property tax break, since after-all; they FEED the population, and independent farming must survive.

    2. I would abolish the Federal Reserve, and America would rely on its own currency.

    3. I would create a law declaring that no man of any corporation [employee, CEO, management of any kind] have a place in the government.

    4. I would make sure that no man in politics or government has a higher annual income then the average citizen.


    The Federal Reserve System is important to maintain the movement of currency both here and abroad. That might not be a good idea, reviewing what happened leading to the Great Depression, it seems a good overhaul may be a good idea, but abolishing it would be something I would not like to see happen. As far as declaring no man of any corporation not being allowed in the government, that would eliminate many good people from working for the betterment of us all.


    After all, they have the experiences and necessary contacts to make the government work better. Hmm, no man in government having a higher income than the average citizen? Would that include all people who are allowed to vote, pay taxes, regardless of employment status, or what. What is the average income of the average American? According to the US Census, average household income in 2009 was $50,046.00. The Average per-capita income was $21,587. Do you want our government officials working for $21,587 a year? Sounds like a good way to encourage criminal activity to me.

    I would be a strict constitutionalist, allowing the congress to do their jobs without my interference. But then after they did their job along with the Senate, and a bill came across my desk, I would either sign it into law, veto it, or pocket veto it. I would be commander and chief, supplying civilian overseeing to the military. I would also represent the United States as the Head of State. I would oversee all matters before the President in a timely manner and maintain the integrity of the nuclear football and what it means for the safety of not only the USA, but that of the world. What else would I do? Throw out the first pitch of the opening game for the Chicago Cubs!

    If you want to make a difference you're going to have to do something different. For starters to even create jobs is part of a slave mentality that has been indoctrinated on our society. with our technology everything we need from the manufacturing and production of goods to the distribution of goods should all automated. As goes for the economy, there should be none. Another part of the slave mentality. Economy is only a byproduct of ruthless business practice, and yes, all business is ruthless. All though on the surface it might seem they the business cares but really it doesn't, because in the end the bottom line is profit which it needs in order to live and it will do anything to survive. And finally, how to get out of debt. That's the easiest one of all...the government should start printing it's own money for free rather than contracting it out to private bankers at interest. So long as this system exists our government will be in debt. All part of slavery.




    I'd say to the constituents, "Just tell me what you want, how much its going to cost AND who you want me to take the money from. I'll go shake 'em down for you. And I'll publish that."

    Combine that approach with a bunch of other typical conservative moves.

    Internationally I'd use the U.S.'s ability to promote "liberty" for other people, not just our economic interests. This would be a long term cultivating approach to building democracy in countries where it is desired. This as opposed to propping up dictators that support a few of our positions.

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