I am a severe diabetic taking a lot of medication I took hair skin and nails for a week and I never sleep through the night. Before taking this I slept all night I quit taking this as of today

    I also take pills for high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat , lexapro and other over the counter meds. Do you know why I can't sleep through the night. I quit as of today and I will ask my doctor on Monday about tjhis I didn't think something like a vitamin would harm me the way it has.  PLEASE REPLY  ASAP111111

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    You are not one of our customers. We do not have customers. A customer means they paid for a service. This forum is free for anyone to use. No money is paid for the answers you get here. The BBB does not care about free forums on the internet.

    The BBB will care when I send them a copy of the first answer I got from you. Like I said I printed out the comment about the stupid teddy bear and I will fax it to them today.

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    We are not qualified to give you an answer to your question. Call your pharmacist, he would be able to tell you.

    Interactions can do this so stop what you can stop and get a teddy bear.



    Is this how you answer your customers questions I could die of a stroke or heart attack and you are talking stupid about teddy bears

    You need to stop the meds that your doctor says it is OK to stop. With the many meds you are on I would not take anything more than what you have too including over the counter things as well.

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