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    The Big Fish asks, what does fishing mean to you?

    21/04/2012 , 6:00 AM by Scott Levi

    (pic: flattie fillets on the menu for Botany Bay Bernie. The flathead are really on. Stinker and Gabe share the best bait techniques).

    Fishing to me, is far more than dangling a smelly prawn over the side of a boat, whilst swilling beer, (not that there's anything wrong with that) and, I'm sure, for you, it's a very different and personal experience too.

    I think of fishing as bushwalking, canoeing, bird watching, camping, swimming, surfing, just about everything I do in the great outdoors revolves around fishing.

    Have rod will travel, New Guinea, Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania, places I've been lucky enough to visit because of this angling obsession.

    Non anglers just can't understand. You can almost guarantee that when family holidays are teed up, the fishing obsessed (sometimes secretly) will be checking out the angling options of the destination.

    Luckily most of the great places to visit in Australia, the high country, the barrier reef, the mighty Murray and other inland rivers, even Sydney Harbour, have great fishing.

    Even if you're on a budget flight or business trip you can sneak a telescopic or smuggler rod along for the trip!

    As you head home from the Easter School Holidays this year check out the number of cars with fishing rods stuck somewhere along with all of the "Griswold's" gear!

    So, let's go fishing with Bushy, Stinker, Treno, Gabe and all of The Big Fish team


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