how can i tell my boyfriend i need time and space without making him feel like the break is a break up?

    i would really like some time and space from the relationship i am in, but dont want to break up and i dont want to make it sound like we are going to break up?

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    Something tells me that the relationship is not going to plan, wanting or needing a break indicates that you have things on your mind that you want to sift through on your own.Being absent from your partner will set alarm bells ringing for him, if things are bugging you let him know and maybe the 2 of you can work on it, don't shut him out on this.

    Good luck on that!  'I need my space' only brings on confusion. IMO, you can't have it both ways, either you're on or you're off. You need to just be truthful and call it off.  You obviously need to get away so something is not right in the relationship that you are not sharing here. so with the vague information we have, I can only say be honest and break it off. 

    My girlfriend told me she was having a painful ovulation and needed time to get things checked out with her OBGYN. That was ok with me and I appreciated her honesty about the issue weather or not it was true. So the next thing I knew she had decided to marry Phillip and I was grateful not to be strapped to her Gyn problems and said nothing to Phil. Much later I I understood what had happened and I was still relieved that I was pushed off that way.   


    Am glad that yo are ok!...I`d rather someone was TOTALLY honest with me though! :-¬
    All good wishes millie xx

    Don't make an issue out of it...if you need time and space, then take them...go do your thing...why would he think you're breaking up? If it's really not an issue, then, don't turn it into one. You must realize...that most of us getting the 'time and space' talk, (yourself included), are going to believe that we're being gently let down. If truly not your intentions, why go there?  

    Just say "I am very sorry i need time and space I am not tryin to dump u it just this is hard to say and i hope u anderstand and after a bit we will be toghether again,i  love u"

    no matter what what you do,just be sincere and explain.for me atleast,i like to be filled in everything.



    How much time do you need?  Could this be resolved a different way..the girls miss me I think I'll join them more ofeten for shopping, talking, girls night out-whatever.  & if you are having personal issues go to a counsellor that understands your issues.  You may need a few walks and a little private time and he should resect that (remember men like to fix things including the ones they love-so a nice way to put it is there are some things I need to work through on my own, I know you will help if I need it.

    In any case good luck- no one likes to be pushed away without warning.

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