We are caring for 3 of our grandchildren but we have no carseats. This is a temporary situation. Is there a place where we can get 3 car seats free?

    Our youngest son has 7 children and is homeless.  We don't have any car seats for the 3 children we are taking care of until he can come and get them.  I was wondering if there is any place that give them for free?

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    I do hope you can find seats. Also I'm glad you are stepping in to help with the children! Good Luck to you and your family!

    The Department of Social Services near you may have references.  Sometimes charities that help new parents get used ones.  You can see if The Salvation Army has any.  Perhaps you could borrow them and return them when your son get the kids?  (Unless he needs them).  Check on for free ones.  I don't know where you live so it is hard to be more specific.  Check at your Church too- if they don't have them they may be able to give you some money to buy used ones.   Good Luck!

    Check out this site...scroll down through the contents for car seat giveaway and fitting programs in your area...good luck..have safe! Peace.>>>

    Please make sure the ones you find are still good... Ours has a date stamped on the bottom and shouldn't be used after that date.{it might even be illegal} Make sure the harness is not frayed. Take it to your local law enforcement and they will be able to show you how to put it in properly That's better than getting pulled over with one that's not and facing child endangerment. I know times are tough but don't jeopardize the the life of a child for a cheap seat..

    Thank You!  This will be helpful.  I live in Mauston,WI and My son is in Rockford,IL.  Thanks again. 

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