Can the foodsaver deluxe model 35-0700 seal canning jars?

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    Yes they do. BUT they do not replacing the proper method of canning to preserve food. We do a lot of canning and also a lot of drying. If you have the adapter I like vacuum sealing in the jars better than the bags. They stack a lot better for one thing, But you do need the jars and lids to do it. also the lid is reusable and you do not need the rings.

    No. Canning jars seal themselves from the hot liquid put into them. There's no possible way that device could seal a canning jar. 

    Yes they do.  I have one.  You have to have a special lid that goes over the jar lid (they have wide and regular) and then there is a little tube that plugs into the top of the food saver that is connected to the sealing lid.  Then you just push the seal button like you would if you were sealing a bag.  Of course this is not a proper canning method, but it is great tool for sealing dry good into jars!  I even seal my lettuce into a mason jar and store it in the fridge and it lasts way longer!


    As you said, this is different, for a different type of food storage. NOT for canning.

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