why is poo brown

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    Human fecal matter varies significantly in appearance, depending on diet and health. Normally it is semisolid, with a mucus coating. Its brown coloration comes from a combination of bile and bilirubin, which comes from dead red blood cells.


    Yes, there is a 'special' scent to meconium (baby's first poops). Amniotic fluid has quite a scent too...but there are worse...sometimes I would take off my clothes and shoes in the shed...and then go inside to the house and put it all in the washer! Yuck!

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    It ranges from yellow to black...both yellow and black aren't necessarily good signs.  Newborn babies have dark olive green poop at first.


    Olive green poop smells great eh?
    My memories not great, but BOY do I remember that smell.......

    Did the same myself,left a trail of vomit from the living room to the bathroom,couldn't hold it in.......LOl

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    Could be "Black as well If you are on "Iron tablets.Be happy its brown "RED could mean you might have problems !!

    How d'you know it's brown d'you look at it?


    Everyone should look at theirs. A lot of times people do not know they have an issue going on inside of them. An unhealthy stool can give a first clue to all kinds of issues. I'm sure you've looked at yours too Philip.

    I never bother looking at excrement it looks and smells unpleasant as it's meant to.

    Doctors do advise that you look.It gives a very good indication of whether any symptoms you may be experiencing are caused by certain internal problems.

    I never bother looking at excrement it looks and smells unpleasant as it's meant to.

    because its all the dirty parts of the food

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