How effective is Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint pain?

    I've had about 4 different people tell me this helps joint pain quite a bit after it has had a chance to get into a persons system in 7 to 10 days. Does anyone else have any experience with this drug? Has it worked well, and were there any noticed side effects?

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    About 15 years ago,  I went to a doctor for knee pain, The doctor said i was a candidate for knee replacement but at the time i was too young. They don't like to do it too young because of the longevity of the artificial joint, they don't last (then)  he turned me on to this drug and said that he's not actually even allowed to prescribe it as at the time it wasn't approved by the FDA but it could be sold as a health supplement in health stores.  I picked up a bottle, took as directed 4 per day, after the 5th day my pain was completely gone!!   I kept up the dosage but after about 2 weeks every joint in my body began to hurt.. specially my finger joints.  I later found out that this drug continues to deposit in the joints, it doesn't know what joint to go to, it deposits in all joints, eventually they began to hurt.  I cut back to one per day and i was fine with this for several years. Now today, it no longer works for me.  I need to finally go for the replacement. 

    I believe it depends on how far along your joint degeneration is now.  It doesn't work for everyone and i think this is the reason why. If your joints are bone to bone, it probably won't work.


    it's supposed to build up lost cartilage in the joints. so is shark oil or shark tooth tablets

    I have never tried it. Omega 3 fatty acids(like Prmrose Oil or Salmon Oil help tremendiously with joint pain. Also try Gingerroot capsules from a heathfood store. Someone I know used the Gingerroot capsules and and was painfree. 


    I will keep those in mind. Surprisingly, this stuff has already taken the sharpness of the pain away within 24 hours! I wasn't expecting that. Hopefully, it keeps getting better with time. I am really amazed, as it is hard to find things that actually work half decent nowadays.

    As long as it works you schould definately use it. When my Lapsho Apso had a stiff hind leg, I gave him a Vitamin A capule and Coenzyme Q10 and he has not had the problem since. Make sure you stay away from Milk, it causes sore joints. Also avoid red meat, sugar products, citrus fruits, green peppers, eggplant, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Paprika, tobacco and salt.If you are Vitamin D defivcient, it will also cause joint pain. Exercise will help , like swimming and bicycling.

    It will depend on how bad your joints are,,there is very little you can do to grow cartilage back.I think that stuff would work if you started taking it before you got the pain,,it did not work for me,i now have had hip and knee replacement for me it did not work..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Hip Replacement and Arthritis

    I can tell you for my dog it was extremely effective! It was the only thing that stopped him from limping.  It also helped my father with his joint pain. 


    Now that you mention it, I recall hearing of it being used for animals also. I hope it works, as lately my joints have been just about crippling me.

    I believe it will. It was like a miracle for my dog.

    before it was talked about for humans, vets gave dogs glucosamine and chondritin for joint pain and it worked for them . My friend's daughter who became a vet told me about this 

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