where does the lords prayer come from, ????

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    ~ The Lord's Prayer ~
    Translations from Aramaic, Origins and History of The Lord's Prayer

    Biblical scholars disagree about Jesus' meaning in the Lord's Prayer. Some view it as "existential," referring to man's present experience on earth, while others interpret it as "eschatological," referring to the coming Kingdom of God. The prayer itself lends to both interpretations, and further questions are posed by the existence of other translations and the problems inherent in the process of translation.

    "This, then, is how you should pray:" ~Jesus, Matt 6:9

    It has always been of great interest as to the many different interpretations of the various aspects of what is offered as foundational information about Jesus the Nazarene, what he said and taught, and how translations over the centuries have changed dramatically sometimes even altering the original meaning of a particular text.

    The Aramaic Language has (like the Hebrew and Arabic) different levels of meaning. The words are organized and defined by a poetical system where different meanings of every word are possible. So, every line of the Lords Prayer could be translated into English in many different versions. As an example of how the intent of a passage can be changed, here are some translations of the Lord's Prayer directly translated from the ancient Aramaic language into modern English.


    Luke 11: 1-13 The deciples once asked Jesus to teach them to pray and he taught them the lords prayer as we know it

    good answer, ??


    grey wolf...check out this carefully chosen link that I found for you...I didn't want to just lay any old dogmatic preachy link on you but rather spent a bit of time seeking out a more scholarly approach to an answer.Peace grey wolf.
    grey wolf

    i am under the impression that it was taken from something very simular to another religion.

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