I don’t want the furniture. What do I do?

    Our son was soooo pleased that he bought this lovely Mother’s Day gift. Unfortunately, I can’t really use it and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I could use the gift certificate. Our son is a grown man and went way overboard financially.


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    Tell him you don't like the colour itsmee, ask if he's still got the receipt!

    If he has, problem sorted.

    If not, I think it might be eBay for your furniture.


    He’s on a high mountain top in Peru. You can’t get there by car. You have to go by Helicopter. It’s a mining project and they’re on strike right now. The villagers don’t like the U.S. My son is “in charge” of the operation. 95% of the people up there speak Spanish. He was supposed to study. He didn’t. Right now they’re trying to get food and water up there. To put it another way, he’s in Hell.

    He ordered it from the Fresno store.

    Yeah...I think you need to be grateful, gentle, and honest.  I think he will wonder what you did with the furniture if you sell it or give it away.  Sounds like you raised a generous man!!!


    Most often he forgets occasions -- but not this one. I was way surprised.

    thats sweet itsme, hes been thinking about you. you must be his comfort in trying times.

    Tell him how much you love and appreciate his efforts and generosity, then explain that you can't really use it, and like Romos said hopefully he still has the reciept, if not some stores will take the goods back and give a credit so you can get something else

    He was well-meaning. Just thank him and tell him there is no room for the furniture and if it is Ok with him to get a gift cerficate instead. I am sure he will go along with that. Shows how much he loves you though. and you are very lucky to have a son like him.

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