how will you know if your husband had an affair to other woman?

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    You may never know, it's not so easy to prove someone has had an affair without solid proof. Bottom line is if you can't prove he had an affair do not confront until you can.

    Here is the deal.  Sometimes they make it completely obvious.  Sometimes you have to go to great lengths to find out.  Either way, they may deny it...or he will find out you are going through his private stuff, hired a PI , etc. and he is truly innocent and quite upset that you didn't trust him.  It is a catch 22.  

    Do you expect him to? you may never know, but there are usually some "tell tale " signs, working late, a change in usual habits, a sudden interest in their appearance,


    A change in sex.

    You will only know if you have solid proof.

    Sometimes one has a gut feeling about these things.Ones' senses of sight,hearing,smell,taste,and touch come into play as well...does he look at you or through he listening with interest and concern...does he smell different at the end of the day...does he leave a bad taste in your mouth(this is more symbolic/psychologic than actual sense of taste.... although?...does he feel the same,touch the same???And there is always a gut feeling attached.Peace.

    Well if you don't trust him you are thinking he's up to no good. Is he acting different? Sometimes all the signs are there, but be sure before you confront him. Also are you better off with him or without?

    "WHY . what makes you think he is ? does he go out a lot by himself "Why don't  you like going out with him or are you a stay at home person .Look at yourself and analyse is it "Me .Dress up and take me out Honey I am bored sitting in ."Now If he hesitates Them you will know something is not right ."Question him as to why ? If doesn`t spill the beans you could accuse him ,as DOO. says catch 22.

    Some signs include:  working late, not being able to account for time, less intimacy, distracted, secretive and private with cell phone, computer.  Notice a change in personal hygiene, clothing, and perhaps some new friends.  
    When you feel you are standing on the sidewalk while he is marching in the parade, I'd be worried.

    Ask him straight..and you should be able to tell if he`s lying...Get the COMMUNICATION BALL rolling..that`d be a start!?! ;-)

    Good luck,


    Just ask him if your game

    Check his cell phone as well as credit card statements.

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