Do You Think There Will Be A Government Shutdown

    If so, whom would you blame?

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    You're about those republicans. Not only the gov't shutdown, look at the republicans governers in the states, collective bargaining, unions, teachers, low-income,etc.

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    with the Republicans in there, Y E S.


    then they'll blame the unions

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    As bad a things seem right now we still have the highest GDP in the world. In fact you can add the next two highest GDP countries (Japan and China) and they will still be a couple of trillion dollars
    Dollars behind us. So, the US government shutting down is not even in the realm of reality. Not as of yet!

    Yes! Corporate greed along with the Federal Reserve and other big bankers, Stoke market heads, stupid politicians, and the Federal debt all bring this about. They don't know what to do about Social Security, Medicare, or the possibility of our sold bonds from other countries being sold. They have no agrements, and I blame the Democrats the most. There whole angle is to make the Republicans look bad, so they waited until the Republicans went first before trying to scapegoat through them, but they are both to blame. What we really need is a Government overhaul. Get rid of all the people who wish to destroy America, and put in Americans that will do something.


    The "now what" is just this! A two week extention is just that, a prolonging of the inevitable. There will be a shutdown because people in congress just can't agree, that is unless something special happens. Let's talk facts here, a politician is a politician. What can benifit that certain political head the most? I'll tell you, a stale mate. What will happen then, is the debt roof will be raised and here begins the hyperinflation stage. The union's fight is small fish compared to a complete meltdown of our government.


    Well, Cross as you well know a two-week extension was passed to prevent the gov't shutdown. Now what?

    As far as blame is concerned. Would it be fair to say, the republicans shows no interest in helping the democrats put our country back on track. Be it Federal, State and local. Ex: Look at Wisconsin, Ohio, just to name a few.

    Headless Man

    Good comment, cross.


    someone once said "don't ever vote for and Honest Man, you'll turn him into a crook every time"

    Not until they make all of us jobless and then have no source (our tax dollars) for their money.

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