what can be done about age spots and skin tages and moles all over my chest

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    Make an appointment with a dermatologist.  Tags and moles can be removed. Spots can fade with proper medication. 

    Best to get your doctor to check them, as moles sometimes need to be removed,depending on what type they are. Age tags can be removed I believe, It seems to be something which is part of getting older.


    Agreed, don't mess with moles by using DIY remedies. Malignant melanoma is often fatal.

    Apply facial mask prepared with papayas help nourish your skin. this is effective to get rid of the age spots and give you radiant and younger looking skin. Some of the preventive measure you can take is to drink lots of water. make sure to cover up your face when going out in sun. applying honey is another effective and easy home remedy for nourishing your skin. this is also helpful to get rid of the age spots and moles all over chest.

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