Can we pass legislation that will stop the sale of the pesticides that kill bees?

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    Found some interesting info on this site:

    There is a great deal of evidence that the new systemic insecticides are causing a vitual bee-holocaust. The new systemic insecticides were outlawed in France, Germany, Italy and Slovakia and the bee population increased in the countries. Monsanto is the biggest problem in the US.

    New systemic pesticides are still used in large quantities in the US.and are not outlawed by the FDA. Ref.: Dr Mecola. com

    Large commercial bee farms routinly kill the queen after only a few month, by pinching off its head and replace her with a younger, artificially raised queen. It is thought that artificial queen breeding is one of the primary factors, causing the demise of colonies.

    Until the US outlaws these dangerous pesticides, there is something we can do on a personal level.

    1) support organic farmers and shop at local farm markets

    2) Cut the use of toxic chemicals in your house , garden and lawn,and use organic pest control. Lawns offer very little benefit for the enviroment. Both, flower and vegetable gardens provide healthy bee habitats.

    3) Become an amateur beekeeper. It requires only about 1 hour of your time once a week. and you can enjoy your own, natural honey.

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