whats the easiest V8 conversion to do to a car

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    You need to give more info on your car.

    Here is one example: Q: am just wondering i own a 99 s10 4.3L and I am just wondering out of the v8's what is the easiest swap and how much do they usally cost.

    A: if you want to keep it fuel injected, the easiest swap is to find a 96'-04' vortec 5.0L or 5.7L complete engine. you can use your v6 wiring harness and computer, all your sensors will plug up the same, and your front accessories from your 4.3 will bolt right up to the front of the vortec v8, also the transmission will bolt right up too... you will have to buy the swap motor mounts, you will have to recess/move the radiator (use a corvette radiator) and A/C condensor foreward and run some electric fans. you will also have to either use the v8 wiring harness, or just cut the injector part of the v8 wiring harness and splice it into your v6 harness, and then have your computer reflashed for a v8. if your going to do it yourself, good, you will save tons on labor cost. you can usually pick up a good running vortec 305/350 for under $650. its hard to say how much you will spend, becuase it all depends on how crazy you get, and what you pay for things. anywhere from free to about 3k is a normall price range. i had a chance to pick up a vortec 350 with 94,xxx miles on it for $400, had a buddy who already had motor mounts that he was going to use, but didnt... coulda got those free, he also had a wrecked '94 z28 camaro i could have gotten the radiator out of for free (i did use the electric fans from it though, there on my truck now), all i would have had to find was the complete engine harness, or just the injector part and i woulda probly had a little over $1,000 once the swap was pretty much complete.


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