dealing with the lost of a dog

    I look at my dog friend i did alot with and for my and now that he gone i feel like apart of my is gone when i got this i was down and some depression was come upon me and that murphy came in and help me out each day and now he gone 

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    I  am so sorry. I know how you feel I too lost my dog not long ago.There are many beautiful dogs waiting to be adopted. All they want is to find a home and to be loved. It will make it easier  for you to get over the loss of Murphy and it will be a new beginning for you.

    I am so sorry you lost Murphy!   I am sure you are heart broken.  Have you considered getting another dog?  It will not be Murphy but there are so many great dogs just waiting to love and be loved!!!

    This is sad. I lost my dog earlier this year and I still find myself thinking I hear him. He is missed. It does get easier as time passes but he will always be your little friend in your heart!  Blessings to you.

    i'm sure Murphy would like another dog to be as lucky as he was to have a friend like you with so much love to give god bless you both.

    You have lost a trusted, valued, respected, and beloved friend, and that is true even if he had four legs to your two.....he never cheated on you,  either. 
    You are probably going to go through the grieving process.  Embrace your sorrow, cry, and remember all kinds of great fun you had together.  
    When you feel OK with the idea, set about finding a new puppy or dog to make its own way into your heart. 

    Am sorry for the loss.

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