in genesis chapter 4 verse 15 God placed a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. The question is who were on earth at that time that may want to kill him?

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    This is one example, from the many questions, that asks to the Bible's validity. If all that is written in the Bible comes directly from God, why is God so confused. Hummmmm..

    Good question. I suggest you visit to find the answer. They always manage to justify the impossible like the talking snake and God making Eve from Adam's rib, and the universe being created 6,000 years ago.

    No, there were people living in the land of Caanan. They wanted to do away with him because he killed his brother.

    God knows, I don't



    After God made Adam and Eve, then he made other peoples ( communities) so that Adam and Eve's kids could have someone to hook up with , so it wouldn't be incestuous. Unfortuneately, one of the boys got killed by his brother. But, the remaining bro found a woman to marry .

    Genesis5:4 "and he (Adam) had other sons and daughters". So simple...


    No, There was not incest in that family. It says in genesis that Cain married into " other peoples " that God had made.

    Creationists admit that incest occurred after Adam and Eve, but as they were born perfect there was no problem with abnormalties being trasmitted to their kids.

    nomdeplume, Adam and Eve were not born perfect. They sinned before God. So, God kicked them out of the land of paradise

    Mycat, Adam and Eve were perfect beings when they were created as they were made in God's image. They only became imperfect after Adam's sin, but presumably that only affected their minds, as physically they were still perfect.

    At this time there were other people on earth as it says time had passed. Check Genesis Chapt 1 vs 27 and 28. He created them male and female. Also Genesis 4 talks about the origin of sin not the population take care.

    If you read down to  16 you can read that Cain move to the land of Nod so we know from scribture that places were named after people so their had to be people on the earth at that time, remember the Biblie dosn't tell us evey detail that was happening on the earth, the Bible is here to teach us how to build our Godly charectors so their are only sertent stories that are told to us that will help us build the charector that the story is talking about.

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