Should Keith Judd be the next democratic presidential nominee instead of Obama?

    (From my home state of West Virginia)

    Federal Inmate Keith Judd Receiving Sizable Percent of Vote in West Virginia Democratic Primary

    By Elizabeth Hartfield | ABC News

    Barack Obama was not the only Democrat on the ballot on Tuesday in West Virginia's Democratic Presidential Primary. Keith Judd - also known as Inmate No. 11593-051 at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas - was running against him.

    Judd, who is serving out a 17.5 year sentence for extortion, currently has received 40 percent of the vote, with 83 percent of precincts reporting, according to The Associated Press. Obama currently has received 60 percent of the vote.

    Obama's lack of popularity in West Virginia has been well-documented. The state's governor Earl Ray Tomblin and it's junior senator Joe Manchin, both Democrats, have kept their distance from the president.

    A further potential embarrassment for the Democrats, as The Charleston Gazette reports, Judd only needs 15 percent of the vote - which, indeed, it looks like he has accomplished - in order to be entitled to have at least one delegate represent him at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. this summer.

    Have fun with this one guys! :)


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    Nothing but political theater. It takes the focus of Obamas failure as President of the US/


    You're right, of course, Ann. Inmates can't run for office. I find it interesting how much Obama is reviled in WV, to the point of wasting the time to vote for someone who could never actually win.

    Great- so convicts can not vote, but they can run for President- LOL.  Now, Russ, are you beginning to understand why W.V. is the butt of so many jokes???


    Of course. I grew up there and left as soon as I could. Redneck central. It was a pattern that many college-educated kids took to. It was called the "brain drain."

    LOL- WVU is a good University...I was joking- DC gets it's fair share too!

    I would take anyone that is not associated with Obama.

    A felon cannot run, no two ways about it.  And I've never heard of him before.  Write in "Mickey Mouse" if you want to go democratic......

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