Do you agree with Rush Limbaugh?

    Rush maintains that the media says it's about the strategy when a liberal loses instead of the message. 

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    No, I dont. I only hear about him when he says something totally stupid. I dont watch his show and never the past.

    Not always, I look at Rush as an entertainer, he has opinions, sometimes way out there and he makes all conservatives look bad and sends the wrong message.

    Like Ed on MSNBC and Keith Olberman, these two are way over the top and makes good people on the left look like idiots.  We must take talk show hosts for what they are, opinionated entertainers. But i am dreaming. People on the far right think Rush's word is gospel as some on the left looks at their MSNBC as factual and to the point-- This goes for Fox as well, its entertainment focused to an product consuming audience.  Those that believe either side as factual are total idiots.. IMO..  That said, sometimes MSNBC and/or FOX hits it on the head.   'Facts is the new word for lies'


    Exactly my thoughts...Entertainer (not always entertaining, of course)

    I can take him or leave him and when we have a somewhat good persons in office but not of the same party as Rush all he can do is bash them and when there is a idiot in office of his party that person is so smart. However right now I love anything he says because I am very scared on  how our rights are are being thrown in the shredder. Perhaps not what he says but that he is against this kind of thing.

    Rush Limbaugh is an idiot who doesn't deserve to be on the air after his offensive remarks about the single pregnant woman last month.  I can't believe he has any sponsors left.

    Yes, I know: Any press is good press. Pathetic, isn't it? And Jerry Springer is alive and well in Cincinnati.


    Ironically, his sponsors are coming back, his ratings got higher-- Planned entertainment. Some people listen to hate. This is good for ratings too!

    Rickles has an audience. I've never found his barrage of insults "funny".

    I agree, Russrocks. I haven’t heard him for ages but OH I do agree. The only time I listened to him was right after 911, I lived in a pocket in the hills around Diablo Nuclear Power Plant and nothing else would come in. HMG! Scary daze, I say. I mostly lived in chat rooms on the internet.

    I'm a republican but Rush is so far over the top I find him embarrassing....Bet he makes good money being who he is though................

    He is a silly man!


    Dr. doo, you said that just right. Wooo Hooo!

    Extremists of the left or right are equally dismissible.

    Rush, like Vinny said, is an entertainer.  Liken him to Don Rickles.  


    But Don Rickles is actually funny, on occasion! :)

    Not in this life time.

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