does anyone no how or what to do to figure out what is wrong with the front end of a atv 110cc that has towed in tires and the tires seem to want to fall off? I've replaced tie rods, might have put shocks a little to big and not sure if spindles or knuckles if that's what there called are bad maybe the a-arms bad too not sure can someone help please?

    replaced tie rods  shocks could be a little to big  a-arms might be bad  spindles or knuckles could be bad and tires are towed in and tires look like they are going to fall off  can someone help please it's a chinese 110cc auto with no reverse

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    the top of the arms may have a pencil- like projectile on it that pokes into the boots at the axle/ wheel juncture. If it really punctures it, grease will go flying everywhere.

    You can cut off the top of that.

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