Are karma points just a motive to get people to ask and answer questions to the best of thier ability?

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    Yes, they are to show who the community feels gives correct answers to the questions and to appreciate the good questions. This however is not the way it turns out. People just freely give karma willy nilly with no real reason for the most part other than someone bothered to answer the question. Really defeats the point of the karma system. I personally would love to see it go away as other than giving people a chance to see someone actually read their answer, it's pointless to show who gives good and valid answers to the question. Some here have top karma just by offering jokes or repeat answers already give or even just one word, used over and over again. Like I said, it's a system that does not work. 


    I agree, though hadn't given it much thought

    I've seen people come to this forum, talk nasty and vulgar and insult all the members here and get thumbs up for it. It's sad because some people do not even read what they thumbs up.

    Not for me, it's the interaction with many people and viewpoints, it's my way of having someone keep me company withou having to be there or meeting expectations, it's learning, it's often thought provoking and fun, it's also making friends with those you otherwise would never had the opportunity, Im going through aka withdrawals at the moment, my laptop is being repaired, they have prohibited many sites at work (this one now) and Im reduced to using this 15 year old computer that ahd been deemed to go to the tip......nope couldn't wait for my laptop, nothing to do with karma points, just friendship

    i dont know about that but i do like answering questions. i do try to give the best answer i can, unless its silly to me,then im liable to give a crazy answer.

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