Why have I never been a top contributor?

    My name was there briefly for social science and cross dressing. (A long long time ago) It's no big deal, I'm just curious. 

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    You do not answer enough questions to gain the weekly karma that it takes to get one of the top 4 spots.


    omg ...By the way, I don't cross dress nor do I have special knowledge of that activity (not that there's anything wrong with it!) I saw my question and almost fainted. ; /
    I would have no idea how to answer enough questions ... 'tis ok. just curious.

    That was concerning the category, not just one question. At the time you were one of the 4 who answered the most questions within the category. The amount of questions you answer makes all the difference. I answered your question, I do not understand the "OMG" like you are upset with me. I can not help the way the site works. You have to answer a lot of questions to be listed as a top contributor. That's just the way it is.

    The “OMG” had to do with the thought of me cross dressing. It so so not me. I wear jeans and a Tee shirts but that could hardly be called cross dressing.
    I did not mean harm on you. sweet thang.

    OK, thanks for explaining. I couldn't understand why you would get upset with me for explaining how the forum operates.

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