Does anyone find it easier to give advice on Life,Love,Family and other things along these lines than it is to take your own advice?

    Please let me know.

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    I tend to answer these type of questions based on my own life experiences, so whatever advice i give,  it is usually something that i have learnt along the way in my own lifes journey. 

    Yes.  The majority of the people here have been around a long time.  We, with rare exceptions, know the right path from the wrong.  Whether we do the right thing or not is predicated on many factors at the moment.  For example, we know we should stop a murderer from killing more people.  However, by testifying, our family members' lives could be in danger.  Many of us might choose not to testify.

    I'm full of advise.  My own life is kind of boring so I don't have to live what I say...........

    A lot of the advice I give is from past experience- or current, depending.  I try not to give any "always" or "never" advice because everything in life changes.  I do not like taking advice from anyone who preaches a "do as I say not as I do" attitude.  I guess I live by some extremely strong convictions- but I have learned there is always a "valid" time and place for everything.  As far changing my own life and patterns- with some things I'm on a life long learning curb.

    Do try to practice what I preach; or keep quiet.  Easier said than done; but I try to help others avoid the pitfalls of life that I have been through, when possible.

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