if i get bladder infections from drinking regular tea, would i get them if i take something with geen tea in it?

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    Tea is full of antioxidants i doubt tea would give you a bladder infection.Try drinking Cranberry juice.


    actually, now they are doubting the true effectiveness of cranberry juice...

    Who is telling you that you're getting bladder infections from drinking tea? Is it someone credible, or your local witch doctor? Sometimes information is only as good as the source. I find it hard to believe tea could be causing a bladder infection, unless there is a problem with the water it was made with.

    I've never  heard of getting a bladder infection from drinking tea. Perhaps you are just susceptible to getting the infections.  Lay off drinking anything except water and cranberry juice for a while and see a doctor about the infection.....

    You do not get UTI/Bladder infections from drinking tea.  That being said, if you are dehydrated and do not urinate frequently or a very small amount it is easier to get these infections.  Urine helps to get rid of bacteria around your urethra..and clear any rougue bacteria that is in your bladder.

    So, drinking Non- caffeinated drinks and drinking more can help.

    Any bladder infection should be investigated ASAP as risks which include infection spreading to eg Kidneys....PLEASE seek medical advice..may just need a simple urinalysis test or one to the lab for cultures...I`d question why someone was getting regular infections???...Please get it checked?

    all good wishes,

    millie xx

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