how can i talk to my clan

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    Yes you can. From which part of Scotland do they come from?

    I honestly don't have a klu klux.


    Who's klux? Is that a chicken-pal of yours?? ;D

    Hahaha. Beats me, lindi. :)

    Don't tell me you didn't think of the same thing when you first saw the question.

    I saw a tag that said something about no but this would still be a great name for a chicken..."klu meet klux, klux..klu, yer new bunkmate! Cluck"! haha ;D

    very cute, the usual quick-witted lindi.

    My brother it has naught to do with wit...remember Red Skelton? He was the saddest funniest Clown ever...therapy...instead of the alternatives.. :)

    I remember Red Skelton. The older comedians were really really funny.

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