Would you return a watermelon to your grocery store?

    It was pale and tasteless. I don’t want my sweet fruit and vegetable man to suffer if I return it. It’s 8 days old now but there is only one slice taken out of it.  

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    No,  not after 8 days, however you are within your rights if you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you should of returned the watermelon that day if not the next with your proof of purchase.

    I dont know if you can take it back after eight days. I would call the store first and ask. After 3 days sounds more reasonable that they would take the watermelon back.

    Well if it's not fit to eat, yes why not you payed for it expecting to be able to eat it, not look at it and through it away.

    Put yourself in the place of the owner.  He/she would probably think that it "might" have been fine, eight days ago.  That's quite a long time to expect fruit to still be tasting great, I think.  No, I would be embarrassed to return produce to the store after that length of time.


    I'm getting embarassed.

    Hi, I have taken watermelon back to the store with the docket. They have replaced it and other times I've had a refund. Why not, we pay good money for things and I'm sick of half-rotten cantaloupe too, I've also taken that back too. Don't listen to half-wit men. Once, I took the whole watermelon back, I had taken one slice of it and it was horrible. They refunded my money. TAKE IT BACK, DEAR!


    I will. It's obvious that it wasn't eaten. I have the docket. (In the US, we call it a receipt) It might be a kindness to my beloved fruit and vegetable man.
    I'm calling my husband in to read this.

    I will. It's obvious that it wasn't eaten. I have the docket. (In the US, we call it a receipt) It might be a kindness to my beloved fruit and vegetable man.
    I'm calling my husband in to read this.

    Perhaps you should return it drive by style at least you'll get some satisfaction.  SPLAT............


    And, as the store owner, your reaction would be...?

    Job security, someone has to keep the area clean..

    You know i really wouldn't do such a thing..


    The only time I return veggies or fruits are if the bagger placed them in the bottom of the bag and they were damaged. Some days are better than others when it comes to taste etc, etc.

    Are you serious?  Absolutely No! Fruits and vegetables are the buyers responsibility.  You can check it out at the store before you buy it. 



    Watermelon is not a strawberry, apple, pear, plum and such...

    After 8 days I definitely wouldn't. But you also have to ask yourself whether or not it is really worth the time, gasoline, and effort? Overall, that's a considerable amount of effort for a simple mellon.


    I shop once a week and spend about $200 every-single week.
    I'm confused now and believe I'll go along with darent's splat and run style. <joke>

    I have to chime in with those who said 8 days was too long.  I know how expensive those melons are here (of course), and feel for you...we just need to cut them open sooner.  
    You could take it to him and explain that you know you can't get a refund because you bought the watermelon so long ago, but you just want him to see what it looks like (pale).  You could ask him to teach you how to pick out a good melon.  He might go so far as to just give you another melon just because you are so sweet about it.
    My aunt bought a watermelon from a roadside stand (people I know who have the cart in front of their country property with all kinds of homegrown fruits and veggies).  She returned it and is so loud when she talks and doesn't know when to stop.  I know they know she is my aunt and it's embarrassing.  YOU, I know, will be discreet and to the point.
    Let us know what you end up doing and how it works out.   PKB 


    Tomorrow is decision day. Your idea is great. Wonderful.

    I have taken many things back over the years, even "tough" overcooked prawns, a cooked steak once, sold as fillet and the only thing it was fit for was the sole of my shoe, but an 8 day old watermelon, probably not, it wasn't rotten, only tasteless, I would mention it next time I shopped there and perhaps ask for tips on choosing a nice one

    You fine people have no idea how much this watermelon thing has been bothering me. Unfortunately, it still is bothering me but I do have a bunch of great comments. Maybe I'll down load the comments and take them to the store..... and then again ..... maybe not.

    Dazed and Confused in Fresno, California


    Well, Itsmee, you're in a quandry. I can see that buying the watermelon, you didn't cut into it immediately, so a few days had gone by. Then when you did cut a slice, you found how awful it was. You may have pondered what to do, more time elapsing. Then you asked you friends here what their opinions were...more time.
    Here's two things to consider:
    If it's still bothering you ,then maybe you should return the watermelon, explaining the situation. Really, the worst outcome is the green grocer tells you to 'hop it'...teasin' ya here. He'll say, "sorry, no refund" but nothing ventured, nothing gained. At least you will have done something.
    Also, if you take it back, he might realize that he's buying his watermelons from a bad supplier and you'll have done him a favour, plus who knows...some other customers may have already returned their melons, complaining of the same thing.

    I would if the store was not too far but typicaly I buy my water melons from farmers market were I go to every Saturday. If I tell the seller that I didn't like the watermelon I bought the previous Saturday  he/she would give me one for free.

    silly goose i tried once and they said "NO, ARE YOU STUPID?! GET OUT!" hurtful but theirs your answer nope you silly goose

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