how can I contact local news channels in washington d.c. about news they should investigate?

    Exactly one month ago, I flew Qatar Airways from the Middle East to the U.S., only to find they had stolen my most expensive handbags from my luggages (Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton). When I told my story to some family friends here, two of them had similar problems with the Airline. Each time someone hears my story, either they personally, or someone they know, has had items stolen, or entire suitcases stolen by the Airline. And this is supposed to be a "5-Star Airline?" I even sent them copies of my receipts, bags totaling over $1,600, and they want to refund me $237.00. What the *#@!

    Someone needs to put a stop to this. It's summer season, most people will be traveling this season, so it needs to be investigated right away and I am willing to interview with whomever I need to.  All they have to do is return to the video cameras from that date and time and see who was checking the luggages and catch those bastards!

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    Don't fly with them anymore and tell everyone about it. Contact the television channels via the internet. They will contact you and then you can tell everyone your story.

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    look them up online--most will have a website and for certain you could find a phone # that way

    I'd contact your nearest CIA office first.   

    Also, I would URGE everyone who reads this not to travel with valuable items unless they insured.   

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