Street Knowledge vs Academic Knowledge

    Do you or should you have both?

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    I try to be as thankful and grateful as I possible can!!!

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    Hey Pamela, how nice you thank all replies.

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    I live on the south side of Chicago. Believe me here you definitely need both!


    Thank you for your response. We have to stay three-steps forward because we will be moved two-steps back!!!

    ....need both to relate

    ....but, facts over emotions 

    I've met people with very little education, but had common sense and they did pretty well in life. I have also met people with extensive educations that never really had a lot of success. But they are both very important to have. Street smarts isn't always the same thing as common sense, and common sense isn't very common.


    Thank you for you response. Well said!!!

    You should have both. if you are traveling through a big city.And turn down a bad street.Academics aren't going to help very much.DON


    Thank you for your response. True that!!!

    Hell yes, you will be better off with both.


    Thank you for your response. Amen!!!

    You definitely need BOTH academic knowledge and street smarts.
    Just plain common sense is the best .... and you don't get that
    from books.


    Thank you for your response. It's all experience, live and learn!!!

    Education is the key to everything. Education comes in many forms. We use what we learn in schools to help navigate our way through life. We use what we learn on the streets to become wise in matters of survival.

    I have heard over the years many people complain because they are cold or hungry and know from first hand experience they have no idea in the world. When you are living in a position where you do not know where or when you might get your next meal or you are so cold you do not know you will wake again when you go to sleep. That is certainly an education.

    A scholar with a university degree who looks down his nose at an aboriginal in a loin cloth living in the desert with a spear might take a different view if he were to find himself in the desert in the same position. Education is relative to your environment. The key is to have a balance and the environment in which you live dictates much. However if you gain an education from schools you have many more appealing options than if you are just street wise. You can gain much more experience with knowledge as you then have a broader view.


    Thank you for your response. Education is key to everything. I do believe you need them both.

    Well yes one should street sense is lessons we have learned the hard way unfortuntely and one also needs to use good common sense and courtesy.


    Thank you for your response. As you stated, they do go hand-in-hand.

    both useful, you need knowledge in order to survive, any kind is useful


    Thank you for your response. I do agree with you.

    For sure ..once you have been a thug in the streets ,dissociated to become man of the house, Academiclly inclined or thrust as director of head office tends to see that You definitely need BOTH, Academic Knowledge and Street Smarts...more so academic knowledge caring the greater ballance


    Thank you for your response. Great answer!!!

    You need both,,one gives you the common sense and the other gives you the knowledge to understand and use common sense..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for common sense photos

    I was born and raise in a ghetto and believe me when I say .... you do need both at one point or another in this life

    we have to stay three steps forward, because we be taken two steps back...both are needed :-)

    You're right IamPamela, very true

    knowledge is just knowledge, without experience and wisdom to guide you you are not better off at all.

    A cesspool is not aware of itself, it just accumulates more bacteria. Accumulation is never divine.


    Thank you for your response. You have to separate the good stuff from the junk.

    Life experience is an excellent platform for academia. Many college/universities grant credit for street/life.

    I know a host of good people who lack one or the other. Certainly some excel no matter what background. Still, the best product often comes from those with both disciplines. Neither should be discounted.

    you can only get around in the world with an education.


    Thank you for your response. Every little bit helps.

    If in reality one loves the got education, the street will be the next for a lot of porposes that is called, also, realization. The same way, many people coming from the streets culture becomes great writers in many fields realizing, after, they own graduations.
    In reality we got one with the other and is practically impossible to dissociate one from another. For the ones that the "street graduation" is absent, the title 'glass-of-milk' is the first and redundant qualification :) But, for sure, the lack of the street experience will be a strong amputated aspect that will mark a person as a lack of experience-knowledge: un-habil.


    Thank you for your response. I believe both educations have a great impact on lives.

    Heck yes you need to have plenty of both

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